Claudia H Gruy - Creativity as Lifestyle!
Privacy Statement/Impressum
From when I was sixteen, I was a regular on an Austrian National Broadcasting Cooperation Radio Program called “Literatur on Sunday” (Literature on Sunday), invited to read my own shown-stories. I graduated from the Axel-Anderson School of Writing in Hamburg Germany and creative writing programs in 1998. During this time, two of my short stories won recognition from a professional jury and were made public. I sent in manuscripts after that and - like all newbies - was turned down. Six month later I found one of my stories - turned into a picture book on a shelf. Between anger and frustration I settled for a "never again". But my BigSis (a well-known author herself) told me back then: "Well, at least it would have sold!"
And so I wrote short stories upon request for graduations and local German magazines.
I also studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Film, hold a teaching diploma, including early musical education by Carl ORFF and Zoltan Kodaly, and held personality and communication training for teenagers and adults. I grew up bilingual German/English, which gives me at times a unique voice, and reside currently in Vienna/Austria.
My work with children and young adults for over twenty years has given me many insights and has kept my inner child alive and kicking - sometimes it gets quite dominant. My imagination has always bubbled - much to the distress of my surroundings as a child: One invisible friend? I had hundreds and knew them better than real ones - including their background, stories, likes, fears and dreams. I built worlds around them and never got tired to fill the  in on them anyone who would listen. Today I write about them and at times my living-room is full of characters trying to get themselves heard and discuss the latest event. Writers may seem a lonely bunch, but at times it gets really crowded!
The story of Shondoreen spooked in my mind for about fifteen years before I was offered a book contract after a talent search in Germany. Unfortunately there was a strict deadline and with a full-time-job and equally full-time care for my failing Grandma, I decided to be fair early own and pass the chance to the runner up since there was no way I could deliver in time - and I always had a strict sense of responsibility throughout my life.
After my Grandmother’s death I first wrote a manuscript about my own life-story and as soon as I had finished Thierry knocked on my mind again and declared it was his turn now. That’s how Shondoreen part one came into being.
Since I have trained young people in communication and personality, I invited them to be my test readers - and since they kept asking for more and hope for sequels, I decided it is time to let ‘my’ world pop up in the real one. And the story continues on...