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girl with mirror by @Laura
My motherís furious love for herself hit me like a fusion bomb and left me freeze-dried in the sizzling crater of her stage. The landing was hard, but I wrapped myself in illusions to perform. The show must go on - tragedy or comedy - fragments of a shredded childhood and a twisted transgression. And the winner is....
Invisible, I was visibly successful in a world of masks, because I wore the best. Until it fell off.

INVISIBLEme≤ is the story of an anonymous show-business child starring in the role of a multilayered lump of human clay, and the adultís long path from invisibility to identifying the person behind the masks. Itís a journey to the roots of misguided parenting, abuse and mental reserves triggered in an attempt of self-preservation. With a good touch of humor and self-irony it also points to the possibility of regaining control and embracing a different future - and that the best time for change is always now. Through a collage of stories, personal experiences, facts, inspiration and humor, this book will help readers discover and appreciate their own uniqueness, realizing they are not alone with it.

The companion/possible flip-over part for teens between 12 and 120 is an attempt to help others take hold of their own life sooner, stay authentic and find confidence to walk a different path. It is about having the courage to embrace that difference and accept originality in others as well.
So, drop that mask and show your real face!
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