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When Thierry deMontverdier discovers that a year has passed without him and that his parents have died in his unknown absence, the former exuberant child-singer and prankster lands emotionally on his face. He is left with the annoyed council of his inherited Duchy, obscure assistants and amnesia supporting his irresponsibility, all while he desperately tries to collect the shreds of his humor and bring light to the puzzles. Good that just then a mystic group appears, who offers him diversion at a school for music - only it has more than one entrance, and what he finds beyond are not the memories he intended to recover. Eventually Thierry will need to decide if he is ready to walk a path that would restore his music, but change his life again - forever.
SHANDOREEN - A path unveiled (book one) follows Thierry's unique discoveries and his often humorous journey to the answer of this question.
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